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Thursday, October 24, 2013

D.L. PLC Schedule and More

Don't let this be you! Explore www.Graphite.org 

CHHS Digital Learning PLC by Department during Smart Lunch Monthly Schedule: 

Week 1A: ScienceA: Social Studies
Week 2B: E.C. 303A: Math
Week 3A: CTE A: PE
Week 4B: EnglishA: Fine Arts/Language
November: Google Docs
December/January: School Center & Web 2.0 Tools

Automatically Close Google Forms at a Specified Time: 

Google Forms can be very useful for collecting all kinds of information from students and others. Two of the more common uses of Google Forms in schools are creating quizzes and conducting surveys (click here for a guide to creating quizzes in Google Forms). In both of those cases you may have a need to limit the number of responses, limit the length of responses, or set a cut-off time at which the form will stop accepting responses. While you can simply click "stop accepting responses" in your Google Form, you do have to remember to do it. FormLimiter solves that problem and two others.

FormLimiter is a script that you can install in the Google Spreadsheet in which you are collecting responses from a Google Form. The script allows you to limit the number of responses to a form, limit the number of characters in a response, and set a time at which the form will automatically stop accepting responses. The images below will walk you through the process of installing FormLimiter. (Click the images to view them in full size).

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Step 4: 

Step 5: 

Step 6: 

JCS Technology Showcase

The Technology Showcase is an opportunity for students and instructors to demonstrate curriculum-based technology projects developed by students across the district.  Our parents, teachers, administrators, legislators, community, and higher education representatives will be able to interact with student-created products and tools to discover how instructional technology impacts learning.
We will have door prizes for teachers that attend this event which includes a chance to win a set of 5 Chromebooks for their class! Mr. Nixon's Pirate-TV class will be representing CHHS this year. We hope you will be able to join us.

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