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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Commitment to High Tech Education Video

Please click the photo below and take a moment to watch how this school meets 21st Century Skills by involving ALL students. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

gClass Folders

gClassFolders is a Google Spreadsheets script that can help you manage the flow of Google Drive files that are shared with you.

It will create folders for you for as many course sections as you need. The concept behind it is this; students have a "dropbox" folder in their Google Drive accounts that you have shared with them. To submit work students drag files into that "dropbox" folder. From there gClassFolders sorts submissions to the correct folder for each student.

To get started now, click HERE which will open a read only copy. Then click File => Make a copy and fill in your information.

Watch the Tutorial Below to give you an overview of what to expect: 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Name Picker!

Play review games using Random Picker The Random Name Picker lets you input names and spin a virtual wheel to have a name randomly selected from the list. After a name is selected you can remove it from the wheel so that it is not selected again. You can save your lists by assigning passwords to them. You can re-use your saved lists. The Random Name Picker wheel can be embedded to your teacher website too. Try it out by clicking HERE! Just ignore the random download box in the middle. Free site=advertisements. 

Inside Your Computer

We and our students use computers all the time, but do we know how they work? Click Here for a short TED-ED lesson for an overview of the basics of how a modern personal computer functions. 

Glean Science and Math Videos

Glean is a new webtool with educational videos focused on topics in math and science. When you search on Glean you will find video lessons arranged according to topics and Common Core standards. As registered Glean users students can collaborate with other users and ask questions in the side margin while they are watching video lessons. After watching a video students have the option to watch it again or click through related videos. 
1. Have students register using their school Google account. 
2. Once students login using their school Google account, they will see this screen:

3. Then, students select a subject and select a video based on the topic, select related videos, and join the Q&A with other users watching the video. 

CardKiwi Flashcards

I am a HUGE fan of Quizlet (as I use it myself), but CardKiwi.com is another resource to use for flashcards. The major perk of CardKiwi vs. Quizlet is the thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways feature. It will displays cards with a thumbs down or sideways more often until you have all thumbs up in your set! It also has the option to search for sets of cards related to book title or ISBN. Check it out to share with your students to use for those upcoming exams!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am excited about a new scheduling resource called Calendly. Calendly provides a personalized link to share with people so they can make appointments to meet with you. It syncs to your Google Calendar and has the ability to make appointments based on your free/busy time on your Google Calendar.

I have joined and synced my calendar. If you want to make an appointment with me for a digital learning opportunity, please visit www.calendly.com/megancox or use the link in my signature. I hope this gives you another way to stay in touch with me as well as an idea to use for scheduling appointments with students and/or parents.

SUMdog Challenge for JoCo Schools

Sumdog has announced a new MATH challenge just for Johnston County Schools!

The challenge will take place from 8:00 AM February 14th until 8:00 PM February 20th and you must register to participate.

See the flyer for more details.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Win a Wireless Lab

WIN a Wireless Lab for the Pirate Nation by clicking HERE and enter every day between now and May 1st! 

Enter for yourself and refer others by sharing the unique link you receive after entering. The more entries we submit, the better the chance we will win. Remember, Win a Wireless Lab Sweepstakes is open to every employee of the Pirate Nation. Be sure every single member of our school has entered by reminding your Pirate Nation neighbor to enter the sweepstakes. The top referring school will be awarded a prize, so let's make sure every single member goes to this LINK!  

Simply opt-in for the daily reminder email when you complete your entry form. Oh, and make sure to enter daily to see if your entry unlocks the monthly Golden Ticket for a tablet for personal use! 
On your mark, get set, GO: Click Here to Enter!

5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

If you are a user of Google Chrome here are some extensions you may want to check out:

Save to Google Drive

 This Google Chrome extension saves images or whole screen screenshots to your Google Drive. A Google Drive icon will be added after the Omnibox. Clicking on this extension will take a screenshot of the entire webpage you are on and save it as image file right in your Google Drive.
If you want to save particular images on the page to Google Drive simply right click on the image and choose “Save to Google Drive.”
Being able to save websites, screenshots and images can be invaluable as you build your curriculum resources. Please be mindful of copyright and intellectual property of others.
Click Here to install the Save to Google Drive extension.

Black Menu for Google

If you would like quick access to all of the Google products from ANY webpage, check out the extension Black Menu for Google.
This does not simply give you a hot link to get you to a Google product, it gives you access to that product without leaving the page you are on. As you are building resources and curriculum, not having to open new tabs or switch new tabs will greatly increase your productivity.
Click Here to instal the Black Menu for Google extension.

One Tab

You may not realize this, but having a lot of browser windows or tabs open can really slow down your computer. The Chrome extension One Tab will allow you to collapse all of your tabs into a list. This allows you to not only speed up your computer, but to easily get to sites you need to get.
Click Here to download the One Tab extension.

 Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot allows you to take screenshots of the webpage and annotate them by circling, drawing arrows or inserting text boxes on the screenshot. Click on the Awesome Screenshot icon in the toolbar to select if you want to capture what you see on the browser screen, to draw a box around which portion of the screen you want to capture or if you want the ENTIRE webpage captured. Note, the captures are image files.
Click Here to download Awesome Screenshot extension.


Start by highlighting text on the webpage. Click the SpeakIt! icon next to the omnibox. SpeakIt! will read the text. I find the voice to be pleasant to listen to, not like the robot voices you might expect. I love to read articles about education, but I also need to get my grading done. Using SpeakIt! I can let the webpage be read to me while I mindlessly enter grades into the gradebook.
Click Here to download SpeakIt! extension.
-Provided by Alice Keeler Teacher Teach Blog