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Thursday, February 6, 2014


This week,  Pamela Batchelor is introducing Geostories from National Geographic. GeoStories, is a publishing format that combines maps, multimedia, and narrative to take viewers on tours of places and topics. GeoStories are like map-enabled slideshows that incorporate dynamic maps, pictures, video and sound, with captions, links and social sharing. 

The GeoStories span multiple topics including social studies, science, mathematics, and arts based topics. Each GeoStory has questions and vocabulary to go along with the presentation. Additional resources and links to related topics are also included.

For this GeoStory on Earth's Extremes, you can see how user friendly the site is and easily identifiable information such as key concepts and related materials available.

I hope you explore GeoStories and think about using this great free resource with your students!

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