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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Newsela Non-fiction articles

Spring is in the air!

That means testing is not far away. Non-fiction reading skills are critically important for students to succeed. This week's resource is FREE and gives access to Lexile leveled non-fiction articles based on current events.  Teachers can quickly create classes and assign articles and quizzes to their students.

To get started, visit: http://newsela.com/

Click on the sign in/register link in the top left corner (you can view 4 articles without registering).

Click on the appropriate tab and follow the instructions to register.

Creating classes is super fast and easy, just type in the class name and grade level. You are then given a unique code for each class. Students will use this code to register for their accounts (or you can register for them if desired).

Now you can explore the site, click on one of the categories across the top to view different articles available. Each article is available in different lexile levels and most have quizzes available to check for reading comprehension.

You can easily assign articles to classes by clicking on the button at the top of every article. Click on the binder at the top of the screen to view your classes and assigned articles at a glance. You can see which students have completed the articles and quiz grades. You can download the results as an excel spreadsheet to help with grading and parent documentation.

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