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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New App for Google Drive

A few weeks ago Google launched new Apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets. They have recently changed Google Drive App to a view only mode for Docs and Sheets.  If you wish to edit your Docs or Sheets from a mobile device, you must download the new apps available for each type of document.

When you try to edit a document using Google Drive App, you will see a message like this:

You can click the message link within Google Drive App to download the free Apps or you can use one of these links:

Want more information about the Google Docs or Google Sheets Apps? Click HERE

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Browser Wars

Read & White Chrome Extension

 Chrome extension called Read&Write for Google is now available with all advanced features for FREE to teachers! Read&Write works with Google Docs to provide additional supports for students including highlighting, vocabulary help, read aloud features, translator, and access to talking and picture dictionaries.

To unlock the premium features of this Chrome extension:
  1. Install it from the Chrome Store by clicking HERE and clicking on the +Free button. 
  2. You must register at http://rw.texthelp.com/drive/home/RegisterTeacher with your school email to unlock the premium features.

Study Stack

Presented by Pam Batchelor.

It is May and EOC review season is here! 

This week we are featuring an easy Web 2.0 Tool that allows students to quickly study key facts and ideas in a variety of fun game formats. Study Stack does not require an individual account unless you wish to create your own study deck. Students can study traditional flash cards or choose one of thirteen different study formats and games with your content. There is also thousands of flash card sets organized by subject area and topic.

To get started, go to: www.studystack.com

From the homepage above, you can view study stacks by subject area, search by keyword, or create an account in the top right corner. You only need an account if you wish to create study stacks.

Once you find a study stack you would like to review, just click on it.

Stacks are shown by "stars" or how many people have reviewed that set of questions.

This is the traditional flash card view. Students can also choose one of the different formats by clicking on the blue buttons and the content will be converted to a new style.

This is the "Hungry Bug" game:

I hope this gives you a fun study resource for your exam review!!!