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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sweet Search

Many of us resort to Google to perform topic searches. A great alternative that I recently learned about is Sweetsearch! Sweetsearch is a type of customized Google search engine that provides better hits for educational purposes. Sweet Search was created by Finding Dulcinea. The 35, 000 sites included in the search engine have been evaluated by librarians and research experts. Please encourage your students to use this search engine instead of Google. They will find the results to be more relevant and advertisement-free.

Comparison for "Shakespeare" in SweetSearch, Google and Bing.
Again, Wikipedia ranks first for Google and Bing. Also appearing prominently, again due to the specific domain names, are "Shakespeare.com" and "Shakespeare-online.com." Each of these is a well-written "passion site," one created by an individual who is passionate about the subject, but does not possess academic credentials that would enable a student to rely on the sites when writing an academic paper. Each engine also contains several sites that are only about selling products.
On SweetSearch, you again find some outstanding academic resources, many of which are buried in Google or Bing. These include sites from the Library of Congress, the British Library, PBS and Project Gutenberg.
Information provided by the Finding Dulcinea Blog. 

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