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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Blabberize is a photo editing, voice recording web tool. Simply import an image, add “markers” to the image, record a message and bring your image to life!
Go to blabberize.com to get started. It is not necessary to create an account, but to save the project, an account is needed. Click on “MAKE” at the top of the page then browse for a picture.

After selecting your image, you can crop the image if desired, then click on the arrow to continue to the next step.

Move and adjust the “mouth” so that it is located over the mouth of the image. This may take some adjusting. When ready, click the arrow to continue to the next step where you will add a “voice” to your image.

You have 3 choices to add audio:
1. Record with a microphone.
(you may have to “allow” the program access to your camera/microphone)
2. Upload a recording.
3. Record with a phone.

Once the sound has been added, the project can be tweaked using the icons at the bottom of the image.

Click OK then save to complete the project and share!

Click below for ideas to use Blabberize in the classroom:

Thank you Brandy Whitley for sharing!