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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Learn Zillion is an awesome Math resource! It includes FREE lesson plans and videos to show students along with guided practice based on grade level AND Common Core level!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ancestry, Fold3, & Newspapers

This week we are excited to share news of access to three great research tools across our district!  A BIG thank you to Doug Pawlak at Riverwood Middle for securing access for our district.

The first new tool is access to Ancestry Classroom:

Ancestry Classroom has all the features of Ancestry personal accounts except that you cannot save information to a personal account. You can save information to your Google Drive or print it. Ancestry Classroom also features some great printables for your students such as family trees and a research journal. Besides searching for your own family linage, a great idea is to have students research a historically important or famous person.

Next, our district now has access to Fold3, a massive online database of military records.

Fold3 is an amazing resource not only for social studies subjects but for any military research topic. Please note that our access is limited to topics and free articles. The personal military record search is not included in our access.

Lastly, Newspapers.com is now accessible to our district.

Newspapers.com features newspapers from across the United States from the 1700's to 2000. Editions of the Raleigh News and Observer are available from 1880 to 1923. This is a great way to get free primary sources for your classroom. Our free access does not allow saving to a personal account but you can save articles and clippings to your Google Drive as well as print them.

A note about "District" access...you should be able to access all three of these websites from any district owned device on a district campus. Access may not work with any device using the guest network or with district devices that are off campus.

I hope you take advantage of these great resources that are now available to our district!

Questions or Comments?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google Classroom App

A mobile Classroom plus new teacher features
Beginning today you can download the #GoogleClassroom app for Android and iOS. It makes it easier to do work on the go, with mobile-specific features like adding photos, sharing from other apps, and offline caching.http://goo.gl/9EvsR7

We're also launching new and improved teacher features in Classroom as of today. You can now archive classes from past semesters, giving students in the class read-only access to the content. The teacher assignment page allows you to see all of your assignments across all of your classes in one place. Get started today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spam Emails?

The best ways to prevent spam:
1. Log out of your account when you leave any computer that is shared
2. Be sure not to connect your school account to other personal accounts. (This is a new one for me!)
3. Do not open any message from anyone that seems unusual or strange, especially if you don't know the sender.  Be particularly cautious if the message has an attachment or link.  
4. Know that JCS ISD/Technology Services will never ask you for information via email about your account so never respond to those types of messages.  
5. If you are unsure about something feel free to forward to anyone in the Technology team and we will help you determine if it is spam
6. Be careful about what you click on from your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc) - sometime videos and other linked sites will gather information from your account.
7. If you get a suspcious message - delete it and empty your trash.

How do you know you have a Spam Virus?
Your friends/mail contacts will get messages from you that you didn't send, your account might even be suspended for the activity.  If you are locked out there is a chance your account has a spam virus.

What do you need to do to clean it up should your account get a spam virus?
1. Change your password
2. Log your account out of all sessions - reference a previous blog post:
3. Disconnect your account from other emails (home, etc)
4. Delete all suspicious emails - then clear your trash 
5. Check your mail settings for unusual changes - sometimes the virus will add an additional account to your forwarding aliases/POP settings
6. Run a virus scan on any computer that you have used with your email account.

Here are more tips from Google to keep your account Safe:

Logout of Your Google Account!

How to logout of your Google account remotely from anywhere!

Have you ever logged into Google on a computer or 
device and then left, forgetting to log out first 
but remembered when you went to log in somewhere else?

I have and if you have....
Here's a super easy way to log out remotely from any device!

  1. Log into your Gmail

   2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "Details"

    3. Click on "Sign out all other sessions"

That's it! No more wondering or second guessing...

You can also set up alerts from this page if you think someone may have your account information.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Blogging and Website Design

The JCS Digital Learning Team is going on the road to reach you and to promote digital communication. The team will be offering sessions for teachers and staff on blogging and website design using Sharpschool. The sessions will be repeated so register for the session that best meets your needs!

South Johnston High School
February 10, 2015
Session I: 3:00-4:00pm
Session II: 3:15-4:15pm
Session Topics: Blogging and Website Design (Sharpschool)

Register online on My Learning Plan!