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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ancestry, Fold3, & Newspapers

This week we are excited to share news of access to three great research tools across our district!  A BIG thank you to Doug Pawlak at Riverwood Middle for securing access for our district.

The first new tool is access to Ancestry Classroom:

Ancestry Classroom has all the features of Ancestry personal accounts except that you cannot save information to a personal account. You can save information to your Google Drive or print it. Ancestry Classroom also features some great printables for your students such as family trees and a research journal. Besides searching for your own family linage, a great idea is to have students research a historically important or famous person.

Next, our district now has access to Fold3, a massive online database of military records.

Fold3 is an amazing resource not only for social studies subjects but for any military research topic. Please note that our access is limited to topics and free articles. The personal military record search is not included in our access.

Lastly, Newspapers.com is now accessible to our district.

Newspapers.com features newspapers from across the United States from the 1700's to 2000. Editions of the Raleigh News and Observer are available from 1880 to 1923. This is a great way to get free primary sources for your classroom. Our free access does not allow saving to a personal account but you can save articles and clippings to your Google Drive as well as print them.

A note about "District" access...you should be able to access all three of these websites from any district owned device on a district campus. Access may not work with any device using the guest network or with district devices that are off campus.

I hope you take advantage of these great resources that are now available to our district!

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