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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jeopardy Labs

Who doesn't like a good Jeopardy game to make reviewing for that test a little more fun for our students? JeopardyLabs has taken care of all the hard work of creating and linking the pages. All that’s left is adding the content and you might even find that done for you too! JeopardyLabs is a free website that requires no sign-up. Simply create a password for your game to allow you to go back and edit the game if needed.

To get started, go to jeopardylabs.com and click on Start building.
*Note: Games are automatically published to the web unless created by a paid account.

Enter the title of the game, label the categories, and enter the questions under each category.

To enter the questions, click on the points, add the answer, and the question, and then click Continue. As questions are entered, the “Points” disappear, indicating that questions have been submitted for those amounts.

After clicking the save button at the bottom of the page, links (both regular web address and HTML) for the game will appear along with the link to edit the game. These links are unique to each game and can not be retrieved, so be sure to keep up with the links and passwords for the games created.

In addition to creating your own game, you can browse already published games. Click on Browse at the top of the webpage to go to the search page.

Click on the results to review/play the game. Always preview games thoroughly before using them with students. Return to the search and click on Edit to “save” a copy of the game for later use by adding a new password. This option allows you to actually tailor the game for your classroom needs.

Thank you, Brandy Whitley for sharing!!! :) 

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