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Thursday, May 21, 2015

App Recommendation Tool

Knowing what app to use for your desired learning activity that will work on the device you have is often a difficult question to answer. New apps are released daily and some apps are only available on certain devices. Ed Tech Teacher has created a great App Recommendation tool that is perfect to give you the apps you need for your device or desired learning activity.

To get started, go to: http://edtechteacher.org/apps/#Begin

Click on one of the two methods of finding apps. I'm going to look by learning activity.

Choose what you want your students to do (love the emphasis on students as creators).

Next, pick your device type.


A list of apps for the Chromebook for digital storytelling. Click on any of the icons to see more info about an app. You can also scroll up or down the page to see apps for other devices if desired.

For each app, it lists the price, ease of use, and usefulness. On the right side is a link to the app in it's respective app store. The short app description often gives helpful tips such as the link on the Animoto app to apply for an Educator's account to unlock additional features.

Want to search again? Simple, just click the "Go Back to App Recommendations" link.

I hope this makes choosing apps a snap for your next digital lesson!

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