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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cart Reservations

I just wanted to share some information regarding our technology devices within our school. Tech carts that can be reservation are housed in the media center. The procedure for checking out technology devices is as follows or you may watch this tutorial video http://goo.gl/iUTy6l:

1.       Login to your Sharp School account (computer username and password) by visiting our school webpage www.johnston.k12.nc.us/chhs.

2.       You will find “ RESOURCE RESERVATION” at the very top of the screen.

3.       Choose “Browse Rooms” Rooms aka Carts

4.       Remember, our technology devices are to be used only for instructional use as outlined in your lesson plan. Also, tech devices should not be in substitute plans unless prior approval from administration or Megan Cox.

5.       Students are NOT allowed to check out our technology devices. It is the teacher’s responsibility to monitor students using technology devices. Please make sure students are using the devices with TLC. Please report any misuse ASAP.

6.       Make sure you pick up the cart between 6:50- 7:10 from the media center (you may send a student).

7.       Return the cart promptly after use to the media center (you may send a student with the cart).

8.      Procedures are for cart use are as follows:

□          1. Assign the device to a student using your classroom roster? (Ex.:, Adam, Jeffery receives device #1 because he is the first student on your roster.)
□          2. Monitor students using devices by walking around the room? (Ex.: Students are only on websites directly related to the curriculum as outlined in your lesson plans.)
□          3. Place the device in its assigned slot on the charger the correctly?
□          4. Return to the media center promptly after use?
□          5. Report any misuse or issues ASAP (Ex.: Remind students to hold the devices by the base NOT the screen, no writing on the screen, no popping off keys, etc.)

Thank you for your help, and please let me know how I can help you!

Megan Cox
Instructional Technology Facilitator

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