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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Google Chrome Update

A Google Chrome update went out today, but you may have encountered an issue. If you can still access Chrome on your desktop or laptop (Chromebooks ARE NOT affected), no further action is necessary. If Chrome is not on your machine, you will see this error message when attempting to open Chrome:
Please click “No” and SHUT DOWN (fully power down)  your computer. A RESTART will NOT resolve the issue-you must SHUT DOWN.  Afterwards, you may POWER ON your device and log in to ensure that Chrome was installed by launching it.
If you still receive the error message, please submit an IT DIRECT ticket under IT Direct (note the #252107268; make sure you are on the IT tab at the top; submittal password is password).

Please note, you may have the Chrome icon in your TASKBAR. Once you have verified Chrome has installed successfully in your Start Menu (found in the lower left corner of your screen) > ALL PROGRAMS > Google Chrome > Google Chrome browser. Once Google Chrome opens, complete the action below to repin your icon to the TASKBAR:

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