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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Social Media Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with the Social Media Guidelines. 

Six Keypoints:

  1. Remember that social media in the classroom is an extension of your physical classroom. What is inappropriate in your classroom is also deemed inappropriate online.
  2. Teachers who use social networking to interact with students and/or parents in an educational manner or as a communication tool must find ways to interact without giving students and parents access to their personal information and posts. Many social network sites allow you to create “groups” or “pages” where you can interact with students without giving them access to your personal account. Please see detailed Facebook guidelines for more information. 
  3. When contributing online do not post confidential student information. Do not post pictures of any students on your personal sites. 
  4. Use a JCS provided e-mail as your e-mail contact for official or school-related pages. Do not use your JCS provided e-mail as a username or e-mail contact for personal pages. 
  5. It is inappropriate to use e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging or social networking sites to discuss with a student a matter that does not pertain to school-related activities. Appropriate discussions would include the student’s homework, class activity, school sport or club or other school-sponsored activity. Electronic communications with students are to be sent simultaneously to multiple recipients, not to just one student, except where the communication is clearly school related and inappropriate for persons other than the individual student to receive (for example, emailing a message about a student’s grades). All communication methods with students must be district/principal approved.
  6. Engaging in personal social-networking friendships on MySpace, Facebook or other social networking sites is prohibited with students, and strongly discouraged with parents or guardians of students. The District recognizes that because of the tight-knit community of JCS, many staff members may have students or parents of students that are family members or close personal friends. However, the District cautions staff members against engaging in such social-networking friendships with these individuals. Use your official, school- or work-related page(s) instead.

Please think about using your teacher webpage blog, Google Classroom, or REMIND 101 FOR STUDENT AND PARENT COMMUNICATION. 

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