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Thursday, September 3, 2015

CHHS Teacher Webpage Report Card

Webpage Checklist 
DUE 9/4/15 @ 8AM

1. Syllabus for each course you teach.
2. Testing Schedule Process Posted.
3. "Contact Me" Template that is active.
4. Tutorial Schedule and Location
5. Method of posting assignments 
6. Profile Professional Photo

A: Absolutely Fabulous! Over the top! Parents must love you!
All required information is posted. Easy to follow. Additional interactive tools are being utilized.
B: Very Good. Has all required information plus a little extra. (Ex. Teacher Bio, link to Blog, Google Classroom, etc.)
C: Adequate. Has only the required information. 
D: Work in progress. Missing some of the required information. 
F: Get busy! Webpage is still in Latin. 

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