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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Employee Check Stub

We now have Time Keeper / Employee Check Stub up and running.    This site is temporarily only available inside the school network. (Note: We are working diligently to make it available outside our network soon and will keep you updated.) 

Here is the link to ​Time Keeper / Employee Check Stub:
These links are also on the JCOC page and there is a link to detailed instructions there as well.  Employees must be signed into their school account to see these directions.

The links to Time Keeper & Employee Check Stub (one in the same) are located under Online Connections for Staff on our JCS webpage.  

Steps to access Time Keeper / Employee Check Stub:
*On the Login Screen, the employee enters their employee ID # and clicks ENTER (See your bookkeeper, Mrs. Price, if you do not know your employee ID#)
*On the next screen, the employee enters their PIN # and clicks ENTER (their PIN number is the last 4 digits of their SSN or last 5 digits of their SSN if 0 is the 1st number in the last 4)  
*The screen will then appear for the employee to check their earnings, deductions, etc.  
*Once you are finished, be sure to logout.  ****If the employee does not logout, the system will automatically time out in 60 seconds so the employee's information is not accessible to anyone else.

Each employee will want to change their PIN once they have logged on to a unique 4 digit number only they will know.  To do this, they will log on, look to the menu on the left, look under the Employee Profile Title, Click Change PIN.

Very Important:  Do not give anyone your ID or PIN or write it down for someone else to see.  It will give them access to all of your personal financial information.

If you are unsuccessful in the process given from Business with logging in, try entering your employee ID # for your ID & PIN.  If it still doesn't work, please let your school's bookkeeper, Mrs. Price, know.  You will get locked out after 3 failed attempts. 

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