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Friday, September 11, 2015

Extending your Desktop

GREAT NEWS! Have you ever wondered how you can display your icebreaker on the Smartboard and still do your attendance at your desktop without using a remote?

Extending the desktop on your computer will allow you to display one window on the computer while at the same time displaying another on the Smartboard.

In order to extend your desktop hold the Window key and the P key at the same time.

windows key.jpg
Windows Key

This will bring up the following display.

Display settings.png

Click on the choice that says Extend.

This will allow you to drag Smart Notebook or any other window to the right of your screen, which will then display on your Smart Board but not your computer desktop screen.

Note: If the Smartboard is set as the primary display, you may change the setting to make the monitor the primary display. The following instructions are based on which type of graphics card is installed.

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