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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Interactive Web White Board

Technology makes it easier than ever for students to collaborate. This week's web tool is a very simple and free way for students to illustrate and collaborate on any device. A Web Whiteboard App or AWWAPP is an interactive space that does not require any type of account or registration for teachers and students to use.

To get started, visit: https://awwapp.com/

Click on "Start Drawing" to open a new space.

You will see a white space with a toolbar on the left side. I recommend rotating your screen on a smaller device to maximize the free space.

Click on the color to change the color of your tool:

Click on the circle icon to change the size of your drawing tool:

Click on the pencil icon to change your drawing tool, erase, add text, insert an image, undo, and erase the page:

AWWAPP has several collaboration options, you can invite others to your white space by sharing the link or share an image of your page. Saving your work as an image is a great way to document student progress and complete an assignment via Google Classroom.

When you invite to the board, the participants can draw and insert images. I recommend assigning each user a specific color to help identify work and keep the collaboration productive. There does not seem to be a limit on the number of participants on a board, I have had up to 30 participants drawing on a board together.

I think AWWAPP could be a great way for a teacher to demonstrate using a SMARTBoard and have the students follow along on their devices and then collaborate together for student practice.

Here are some examples of student work created on AWWAPP:

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