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Thursday, October 29, 2015

iBoss and Chromebooks

When students logon Chromebooks there is a JCS iBoss one time authentication prompt. All students should "Accept" this request, otherwise the Chromebooks functionality may be limited.  Students can and do cancel the authentication and the request prompt will come up at the next logon.  We advise all teachers to request that their students "Accept" the JCS iBoss SSO message when they see it to eliminate possible issues with the Chromebook and Internet access. 

If you have Chromebook issues such as limited and problematic internet access, pages unable to load properly, "spinning," etc., you may want to have the student logon to another Chromebook and verify they have accepted the request.  Likewise, you may want to logon to the device with your logon to see if the issues continue.  

Note: this is a one time authentication for students, they will not see it again.  Keep this acceptance process in mind with new students first logging on to a JCS Chromebook.  

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