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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Listen Current

(Shared with the permission from the editors of the JCS DL Blog )

This week we are sharing a wonderful web tool that provides teachers with engaging lessons tied to Common Core Standards that are based on National Public Radio media stories. Teachers can filter lessons by subject area or current events.

To get started, go to: https://listencurrent.com

Click on the join button in the top right corner to create your free teacher account.

Once you create your account, select lessons to view all lessons by subject area:

I'm going to look at the science lessons available:

You can click on any lesson to open it. I'm going to look at the lesson titled "An Imminent Thaw":

The lesson has a brief introduction and then an embedded audio story from National Public Radio. Each lesson has questions for student understanding. Additionally, most lessons have graphic organizers or activities linked to the story (red box in the image above).

Another wonderful feature in Listen Current are the linked assessments in Socrative. Each lesson has a short quiz pre-built in Socrative that you can use to check student learning (visible in the blue box above).

In addition to the subject area lessons, the current events section has new stories every week about national events such as discovery of water on Mars and the recent widespread flooding in South Carolina.

Listen Current is a wonderful resource to engage students and expose them to public radio. I hope you explore this tool with your students!

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