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Thursday, October 1, 2015


This week JCS Digital Learning Team is sharing a handy free online voice recorder that works on any device with an internet connection and has no account registration required. SpeakPipe is very simple to use and student friendly with minimal advertising and large buttons. 

Click on start recording.

Depending on your device, you will need to give SpeakPipe permission to use your device microphone and also for your browser. I had to allow the following two permissions (students should be able to allow access on their device). 

Here are the two permission screens that I had to allow:

Permission Screen 1

Permission Screen 2

When you see the microphone, you are ready to record (recording starts automatically)!

Once you are finished, click stop.  You will then be able to preview your recording. If you do not like it, click reset to record again.

Give your recording a name to save it to the server. It will be available for three months on SpeakPipe's server.

The last step is to share your recording. You can embed your recording directly on a web page, share the link to the recording, or click on the link to have the option of downloading your recording to your device.

Some ideas for how to use SpeakPipe:
  • Audio book reviews
  • Substitute teacher instructions
  • Foreign language conversation practice
  • Audio response to blog posts or discussion questions
  • Poem dictation
  • Interpretive readings
  • Explanation of solving a math problem
  • Science lab observations
  • Study aids
  • Reading fluency
  • Homework help

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