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Thursday, January 28, 2016

FLUBAROO Autograding in Google!

Flubaroo is one of my all-time favorite Google Sheets Add-ons. It allows your quizzes created using Google Forms to be graded automatically. To use autograding in Flubaroo you still have to set an answer key and grade at least one submission before autograding will work within Google Sheets.

Here is my shortcut version:
Google classroom simply hosts links to the resources that you want the students to access. 
All you need to do to make this work is.....
1. Create the quiz in Forms.
2. Open a Google Sheet -> Go to Add Ons -> Get Add Ons -> Install FLUBAROO
3. Take the quiz you made in Forms and get all of the answers correct.
4. Open the sheet that has the answers for the quiz. Go to Add ons -> Flubaroo -> Advanced -> Enable Autograde. Select your answers as the Key (Just like if you were using a scantron)
5. in Google Classroom, create an assignment and add the link to the form with the quiz by viewing the the Quiz in LIVE Mode and copy THAT link. 
Now when students take the quiz and Forms sends it to Sheets, it will be autograded. Check the tables at the bottom of the sheet. There will be a second one with item analysis. 

Sharing “Quiz”

Click on Send Form to email students the link to the quiz OR Go to Google Classroom and create a new assignment and add the quiz as a link. (Remember to view live form and copy that link)

Username: Don't forget to click on “Automatically collect r
espondent’s Johnston County Schools”.


Gojimo is available as a free app for Apple and Android devices as well as a web based version that works with any device. 

Gojimo has over 160,000 free quiz questions on review topics for all major exams including ACT, SAT, and AP. All questions onGojimo come from quality sources such as Oxford University Press and McGraw-Hill Education. Students can create a free account and their review progress will be automatically synced across devices, great for using at home and at school.

Here is an example ACT Math question using the web version:

The right side of each question gives an explanation to help students understand the correct response. Each quiz consists of five questions in a particular domain or you can select a random quiz. The interface is very simple and easy to understand.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Testing Procedure on Chromebooks

To access NCTest, students should hover over the "Apps" button on the lower left corner of the Chromebook login screen.

Click on the "NCTest" app to launch the test portal.

If the NCTest app button is clicked by mistake, you must click on one of the portal buttons and then click exit to leave the app.

Please hold down the Power button on the keyboard or press Shutdown on the screen.

Any questions, please email MeganCox@johnston.k12.nc.us