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Thursday, February 4, 2016

TRIVENTY Assessment Tool

Triventy is much like many we have featured in the past: Kahoot, Quizizz, etc, but has some unique features that make it just a little different like adding co-teacher and other members to your PLC & adding clues for struggling students.

To get started sign up for an Education account by going to Triventy.com and selecting Education at the top of the screen.

Like many of the tools out there you can use your google account to sign up - this makes it easy to recall your user information.

Once you have an account you will want to start your first "game" you can include multiple choice or survey style questions.  There are may public games that you can copy and customize.

As you add questions you will see a few new things.
1. You can add a collaborator to help you - this is great for co-teaching situations or for PLC's making the assessment together.
2. You can add a clue that will shown to the students who are struggling 
3. You can add a tidbit to share after the correct answer has been revealed.

Once you have your questions all set up you will go to the "Run Game" option to get the student link and have them join your session via the link or by scanning the provided QRCode.

Once all players have joined the game they will see information on their screen to answer and once the time is up it will give them immediate feedback regarding their answers.  As you move through the game you can have the leaderboard display those with the most correct and timely answers.

The only drawback to this tool is that the data isn't stored, so you will need to capture the information about their results immediately following the completion of the game. Screencaptures would be a great way around this drawback!

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