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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mrs. Rous Tweets, "When Technology Fails..."

This morning ALL of our Chromebooks went off the server! ALL 601 of them! Teachers were calling me frantically as I was frantically calling the district for help. It was down the entire 1st block- 90 minutes of instruction time was taken away. Time is always valuable in the classroom, but with only 23 days left before final exams begin-- time is of the essence! 

Mrs. Rous, our school librarian, posted and tweeted on her blog today about technology failing with some good preparation tips for the future. Check out these tips Mrs. Rous provided in the event technology crashes on us again. She says it best by stating, "So don't curse it when it crashes, but always have a back-up plan "just in case" and you'll be fine."

The Bookshelf ATE My Shelf Marker...and Other Media Tales!: When Technology Fails (Or At Least Lets You Down): Repeat after me: Technology is my friend. Technology is my friend. Technology is my.... Yes, it's true, even if it let's you down....

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