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Friday, September 23, 2016

Columns in Google Docs

COLUMNS are finally available in Google Docs!

Select Format -> Columns option allows you to add the columns to your document.
You can select 2 or 3 columns for your document

Once you have your columns inserted, you can go to more options to set your margins and spacing between columns, you can also add a line in between your columns:

If you select the line it will appear as you start the second column of text and will look something like this:


NEWSELA provides a way for students to read articles on their Lexile level, teachers can sync articles to Google Classroom, text sets are available, quizzes are generated from articles, articles in Spanish, and more! Check it out!

What's wrong with this picture?

It's a self-charging Chromebook cart! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Insert Images into your Quizzes using Google Quizzes aka Forms

You can now add images to your answer choices in Google Forms. Doing that allows you to have students select an image as the response to a question. You can also combine images and text in your Google Forms answer choices. It also allows you to select answer key, point value, and feedback! 

Check out this video for step by step instructions: Insert Images as Answer Choices 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guide to Co-Authoring in Schoolnet

Guide to Co-Authoring in Schoolnet
Sharing tests in Schoolnet changed last November with the update to include Co-Authoring. You can now share tests with any user within the state with Co-Authoring. No additional role or access is needed. I have included a guide with instructions on Co-Authoring below. You need to have the author of the test add you under the Co-Authoring settings for the test.

Part I: What is Co-Authoring?

Co-authoring is a new form of collaboration in Schoolnet that allows you to collaborate with any educator in the state of North Carolina. Currently, you can work together to create assessments, items, passages, and rubrics in Schoolnet.

Part II: Where do I find Co-Authoring?

  1. Login to the NCEdCloud and open Schoolnet
  2. Under “Assessment Admin”, click on “Co-Authoring”
coauthor a.png

Part III: Co-Authoring Home Screen

coauthor b.png

This is the Co-Authoring homepage, from this page you can see all items, passages, rubrics, tests, and folders you co-author. On the right side you will see a “Create New” dropdown menu to create a new co-authored item, passage, rubric, test, or folder.

I recommend creating folders to organize your co-authoring items, ESPECIALLY if you will be co-authoring with multiple groups of people.

Part IV: How to Create a Co-Authoring Folder

  1. Login to NCEdCloud, open Schoolnet
  2. Under “Assessment Admin”, click on “Co-Authoring”:coauthor a.png
  3. From the Co-Authoring Home Screen, Click on the “Create New” button and select “Folder”: coauthor c.png
  4. Give your folder a name and add collaborators (please note that to search for collaborators, you must enter their name in this format: lastname, firstname for example: Batchelor, Pamela):coauthor d.png
  5. Click Save, then you will be taken to your new folder where you are ready to co-author with the collaborators in the folder.
Part V: Co-Authoring Assessments

There are several ways to add co-authors to a test in Schoolnet:
  • From the Co-Authoring Home Screen, you can create a new test in a folder or with a group.
  • From the Create a Test Manually option under Co-Authoring, you can check Enable Co-Authoring, then either add collaborators or place the test in a Co-Authoring folder (which will automatically share the test with the users of that folder).
  • Open any test that you have already created and under test properties, edit the co-authoring section.

Important Notes about Co-Authoring:

  • Co-Authoring does not allow for simultaneous editing, only one user can edit the test at a time.
  • Co-Authored tests should be treated as drafts at all times to preserve access for all users. Once a test is ready to be given to students, each teacher wishing to use the co-authored test must make a copy of the test and assign the copy to their students. This is important for two reasons: it preserves access to the test for all users AND it protects student data linkage between PowerSchool and Schoolnet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SMART Notebook for your HOME Computer

Downloading SMART Notebook Software to your home computer

Go to:
You will then need to activate your software by putting in the following code:

Smart Notebook 14


Grant Approval Form

Grant Clarification!  
Yes, there is a grant approval link/docu-sign on the website - Here is the location and image of what you fill out to have the final document sent to you in email.  

District Student Technology Showcase

Please encourage your students to sign-up for this great leadership opportunity to represent CHHS at the District Student Technology Showcase on Monday, October 31st at Smithfield Selma High School from 8:00-11:30 AM. This is different than in years past. Students are participating and learning new skills as opposed to showing what they have done in class.
Below is a screenshot of some of sessions that are being offered. The form also allows a section to type in suggestions for sessions. Please have students go to: bit.ly/jcsstudent16 to register ASAP!

Inline image 1

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Google Quiz using Forms

To use the new feature, open a Google Form and click on the settings cog in the top right corner:

Click on the "Quizzes" tab and slide the indicator to make this Form a Quiz:

You then have a few options, such as when you want to release quiz grades and if students can see missed questions, correct answers, and point values.

Click on "Save".

You should now see an "Answer Key" on the bottom corner of each question. Click on it to set the correct answer and point value for each question.

I love that you can add answer feedback to give students resources and explanations instantly!

One you have selected a correct answer for each question, share your Google Form in Google Classroom or share the link with your students.

Once you have at least one response, Google Forms creates an insights report for your quiz. You can see your average, median, and range of responses. Google Forms also highlights your frequently missed questions.