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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Students Tab (NCEdCloud)

We have reports of teachers no longer having the My Students Tab in the state NCEdCloud Portal.  We have not been able to determine the issue with NCEdCloud staff but we do know relates to flagging staff with specific job codes.  We have verified with a few of the teachers who no longer have the My Students Tab that they do have the correct job code.  The NCEdCloud support staff have advised the teachers missing the My Student Tab to request the My Students for Non-teachers role to reinstate access to change student passwords. 

The “My Students for Non-teachers” exception role in the IAM Service can optionally be requested by teachers and staff that don't have one of the specific jobs the system flags (or system issues not recognizing correct codes) but do have students assigned to them. When granted, this role allows teachers and staff who are teaching classes but do not fall within the previous job codes, to see their assigned students via the "My Students for Non-teachers" tab in the IAM service.  This role must be requested each school year, as it will expire on June 30th of the school year in which it is granted.
To request this role, the teacher would do the following after logging into my.ncedcloud.org:
Workflow tab -> Requests -> Check "My Students for non-Teachers" box -> click "Submit Request" button
The request would then go to a JCS employee with the LEA Administrator role for Approval. NOTE:  Requests for LEA Student Help Desk will not be approved so be sure they are requesting the "My Students for non-Teachers"

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