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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


This week we are sharing a wonderful new web tool that allows you to create standards based formative assessments with instant access to mastery grading.

To get started, go to: https://www.edulastic.com/

Click on the "Join for Free" button and you can create a free teacher account by linking your Google account.

Once you have created your account and entered your school information, create your classes. Edulastic allows you to import student rosters from Google Classroom.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the menu to create an assessment, visit the assessment library, view student reports, or manage classes.

Edulastic has a fantastic library of assessments already made and tied to standards.

In this example, I searched for "fractions" in the assessment library. I can search assessments by grade level, topic, or standards. You can click on an assessment in the library to preview it or assign it to a class.

Here is an example of what an assessment question looks like.

When you give an assessment in Edulastic, you have several options for dates, scoring, and mastery thresholds. This is an exciting feature for our teachers who are using standards based grading!

Under the reports section, Edulastic will track which standards you have assessed and mastery by standard.

I hope you explore Edulastic with your students!

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